Case study

Bli Bli pasture revitalisation


Our company was approached by a client who owned several large horse paddocks which they had needed to be replanted with equine-specific grasses for their horses. The customer had contracted a local pasture improvement company to do this. The contractor then poisoned the paddock, before harrowing it and reseeding it all within twenty-four hours. The customer then realised a few weeks later that not only did the same weeds and grasses grow back, but they also grew back within abundance. The customer contacted us and explained the situation. We were able to identify that the herbicide applied to the paddocks had not had the required time to be effective in killing the weeds and high oxalate grasses that previously existed and therefore the new seed had not been able to grow effectively.


The customer was left with a large paddock full of noxious weeds and high oxalate grasses, and they were concerned about how they would get the pasture to a point where it was suitable and nutritious for their horses. The customer had a limited budget and timeframe, and they needed a solution that would help them regrow the pasture as soon as possible to ensure their horses had access to fresh, nutritious feed.



Our team of experts came to the site and conducted a thorough analysis of the soil, assessing its nutrient levels, acidity, and other critical factors that influence plant growth. We implemented a strategy that involved planting a variety of forage crops and grasses that would help to rebuild the soil’s fertility while providing nutritious feed for the horses. The first step was to prepare the soil for planting. Our team worked to remove any weeds and rocks from the area, then harrowed and levelled the soil. We then spread fertiliser over the soil to improve its fertility.

Next, we selected a variety of grasses and forage crops that were site-specific- suiting the site’s climate, soil type, and the horses’ dietary needs. We planted the seeds according to a specific plan that maximised the use of space and allowed for maximum growth. To ensure that the newly planted pasture would thrive, we installed an irrigation system that would provide the necessary water to the growing pasture.



Within a few weeks, the pasture started to regrow, and within a few months, the customer was delighted to see a beautiful, lush green pasture that was both healthy and nutritious for their horses. The horses were enjoying the new feed, and the customer was delighted with the results.


Comprehensive Equine successfully helped the customer restore their weed-infested and overrun pasture to a healthy and productive state. We were able to do this by analysing the soil and selecting the appropriate grasses and forage crops that were suited to the site’s conditions. We also installed an irrigation system to ensure that the newly planted pasture received adequate water to thrive. The customer was happy with the result and the horses were grateful for their fresh, nutritious grass.