Case study

Chevallum arena build


Our company was approached by a client who had recently moved to the Sunshine Coast and wanted a quality arena built on her property. The client stated she had found it challenging to find an experienced contractor who could do the work to the quality and specifications she required.


The client had a large acreage property; however, it was heavily covered in palm trees and dense bush. The area for the proposed arena build was also a high-traffic area on the property with paddocks for the horses adjoining this area, which meant we needed to complete the build in a timely manner. The client also told us she was worried about dust from the arena as it would be in close proximity to her house and the home of her neighbour.


We first thoroughly analysed the site and chose the best location for the arena to maximise the client’s space. We then commenced clearing the site in preparation for earthworks and ground out any tree stumps left behind. Without significant earthworks, there was no room for an entire, Olympic-sized arena; however, the area comfortably fit a 30-metre by 20-metre arena, which was the perfect size for the client’s purposes.

The team then organised all materials to be delivered to site in a coordinated manner, so once started, the arena build would be complete in a few days. We then conducted the site cut with machinery, including our laser-level box grader. We retained one end of the arena and erected fencing per the client’s specifications. We then added road base to create a solid, well-draining foundation and levelled and compacted this too. We finally added our custom blend of specialised arena sand to the base, laser-levelling it to millimetre perfection. We then enlisted our licensed plumber to install a state-of-the-art irrigation system to the boundary of the arena in order for the client to be able to easily water the arena with the flick of a switch.  


brown horses


The client had a brand new and easy to water, premium arena to ride on in just one week. The Sunshine Coast is known for its high rainfall, and the client now has an all-weather surface to ride on, which drains quickly even after heavy rain and the recent floods Queensland has experienced. The client is thrilled to have a safe and comfortable riding space to train her four horses and receive lessons, often even hosting clinics on her property due to the excellent arena the property is now renowned for.



Comprehensive Equine successfully helped the client by building a quality and safe horse arena, in a timely manner, also ensuring the surface was easy to water to negate dust. The arena was built in a timely manner and the arena was built to the client’s specifications. The client was extremely happy with her arena build and continues to engage Comprehensive Equine to perform maintenance on it to keep it in premium condition.