Case study

Mooloolah arena reconstruction


The client contacted Comprehensive Equine, stating they had recently moved to a Mooloolah equine property; however, the existing arena was unrideable. The client informed us the arena’s surface was rock hard, with protruding rocks and gravel and full of holes and weeds. The client stated she and her daughter could not use the arena because it was unsafe. The client also said that their nearby neighbours had complained about the dust from the arena as their house was very close. The client also requested a solution to the dust problem for the neighbours.



There needed to be clear access to the arena, so the team first completed land clearing and tree stump removal to ensure safe access. The existing arena was highly compacted, and an assessment of the site revealed that a complete reconstruction would be required.



We initially applied herbicide to the arena to kill all the weeds coming through the surface. Once the herbicide had sufficient time to have its desired effect, we commenced earthworks on the area to complete a new site cut, laser-levelling the surface before adding and compacting the road base. We finished the arena in our custom blend of premium arena sand and laser-levelled the area. 


Finally, we built fencing around the arena for safety and then added screening to the end closest to their neighbours to negate the dust problem. 

brown horses


The client received a brand-new arena, which was enclosed, safe, and comfortable to ride on, with a built-in dust solution for the neighbouring property.



The client went from having an unrideable and dangerous area to a new and safe arena. The client and her daughter could ride their horses safely on their property whenever they wished. The client’s neighbours no longer complained of dust entering their property, as the screening we installed effectively stopped this from happening.